Meet the companies vying for Hardware of the Year at the Crunchies

The forthcoming 10th Annual Crunchies Awards are exactly one month away.

Coincidentally, the gadgets here at CES are a fond reminder of our incredible finalists for the Hardware of the Year award. Given the timing — we’ve all got gadgets on our mind — we thought it fitting to properly introduce you to the products that have been nominated for Best Hardware at the Crunchies.

Without any further ado:

Bevel Trimmer


Fresh off of a $24.5 million raise, Walker & Co unveiled the Bevel Trimmer in January of 2016. They call the device “the most advanced device for trimming and shaping coarse or curly hair”, and rapper Nas seems to agree. For $199, you can find the Bevel Trimmer on the web or in a Target near you.

Doppler Labs Here One

Doppler Here in Charge Case 2

Doppler Labs Here One is one of the most sophisticated augmented reality devices on the market. Not only can you stream music (like you would regular headphones) but you can actually tune the world around you, making it louder, quieter, higher or lower.

June Oven


Tired of overcooking meat? June Oven is a smart oven that knows what you’re cooking and how long to cook it. It comes with a handful of sensors and cameras to determine how to cook something, not to mention a complimentary smartphone app to alert you when your food is done.

Markforged Mark Two

MarkForged Horn Print


The world of 3D printers might be a bit tired, but MarkForged’s Mark Two has the potential to re-invigorate your interests. The printer lets you go from CAD to beautiful, end-use strong parts in a matter of hours, and offers the flexibility of your choice in reinforcement and plastics.

Snapchat Spectacles

snap spectacles

No gadget made a splash in 2016 the way that Snapchat Spectacles did. The technology itself isn’t revolutionary, but the recording sunglasses have made a mark on the marketing world, building a huge amount of hype around the city-by-city Snapbot launches.

The Crunchies will be a night of glamor, giggles, and alcohol. Who could ask for more? Buy tickets now!

You can check out the rest of our finalists here!