Enlaps is a solar-powered, always-connected timelapse camera

Timelapse photography is fun, but complicated. For long-term projects, you need to feed power to the camera, and if you want your photos back, you need to rig up a data gathering solution. That changed when Enlaps came along. The company just finished a successful IndieGoGo campaign, raising $250k for its Tikee camera.

Tikee comes in two variants. The regular version is solar-powered and has two lenses for an ultra-wide 220-degree depth of field. It has WiFi connectivity. Tikee Pro also adds 4G and GPS connectivity so you can remotely fetch the footage you’ve captured. Of course, given that the device is designed to be planted in the wild, it’s water and weather proof.

The true genius of the Enlaps platform, however, is that it isn’t only about capturing photos and turning them into timelapse videos. The company is also rolling out a broader infrastructure making it quick and easy to assemble and edit timelapse videos.

The Enlaps editing suite

The Enlaps editing suite

As an avid timelapse photographer, I’m amazed that something like Enlaps hasn’t happened yet — of course, most of the individual pieces have been available for a long time, but Enlaps has done something few others have considered: Integrating the full workflow of timelapse photography into a single process. Very smart indeed.

Both of the products are shipping in April. The Tikee carries a $750 price tag, and the pro edition will cost $900.