Up to 10 of Sony’s new speakers can be linked together for a ‘portable party’

Over the past few years, CES has become one giant A/V club for the folks at Sony. The show has essentially turned into a showcase for the hardware giant’s high-res TVs, headphones and speakers. And this year’s no different.

Sony is launching a metric ton of speakers this year, including the SRS-XB40, SRS-XB30, SRS-XB20 and SRS-XB10 (never change with those naming conventions, Sony) family, deemed, collectively, “a portable party.”

As the tagline implies, the devices are designed to be used in tandem, with a “wireless party chain” technology that makes it possible to connect up to 10 units via Bluetooth, across the different SKUs. Or, for a simpler approach, you can pair two and just listen in stereo mode.


The speakers also feature an array of different lighting features, controllable through the SongPal app, which also controls playback and power. The XB40, meanwhile, has a DJ-like control scheme configurable via the ridiculously named Fiestable app.

The speakers also offer voice feedback announcing battery levels and double as a backup battery for dying smartphones. The difference in models denote different sizes, and in some case lighting options. All will be available in Spring 2017 for an as of yet to be determined price. But just look at how excited all those people are in the above image.