Roland helps YouTubers get their audio right with Go:Mixer

Your cell phone has an awesome camera on it, but if you’re doing streaming or YouTubing, you’re going to need to look elsewhere to make your audio mix come together. Musicians and podcast heroes rejoice: At $99, Roland‘s Go:Mixer might just prove to be the silver bullet to make magic happen.

Roland Mixer

Roland's new mixer amps up audio recording on your phone

Posted by TechCrunch on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Most of the time, if you want your video to sound good, it involves syncing, recording, mixing, and all sorts of other misery. Yes, it sounds good, but who the hell has time for that?

Ooh. Pretty.

Ooh. Pretty.

Plug Roland’s Go:Mixer into your phone; problem solved. The device comes with guitar and microphone pre-amp built in. That doesn’t sound very fancy, but if you’re the kind of person who regularly plays music for YouTube, Facebook Live and such, it is a fantastically clever solution. Plug your guitar and microphone into the mixer, twiddle the levels, and you’re good to go. Perfect audio, every time.

The device is powered by your phone, which is helpful, and includes a number of inputs, including microphones, musical instruments, media players, and more. Sure, there are better mixers out there, but for the price and ability of dropping the 3.75×3.75×1.1 inch device in your back pocket or purse, this is pretty exciting.

The mixer includes a stereo output, too, in case you want to record the audio separately or plug in a pair of headphones for monitoring.