Ring debuts a connected floodlight camera with a 100 decibel siren

Connected doorbell maker Ring is adding another product to its lineup, the Ring Floodlight Cam, a replacement for your standard outdoor wired floodlight that includes HD 1080p video recording and streaming capabilities, cloud video storage, 270-degree motion detection, a microphone and speaker for intercom functions and a 100db siren to hopefully scare off anyone captured on camera who shouldn’t be there.

The Ring Floodlight Cam is designed to improve on the safety features of the traditional motion-activated outdoor light, which at this point is probably not fooling many would-be burglars into thinking someone’s definitely home. The added connective features are essentially what you get with the Ring Stick-Up Cam, but the siren is new, and another added deterrent, and the ability to wire it directly into your existing floodlight outlet is also a plus. The light can also be turned on remotely via the Ring app, in addition to in response to motion, or on a timed schedule.

The Floodlight Cam retails for $249 direct from Ring, with pre-orders beginning today with a target ship date starting early in April.