Enflux captures body motion for fun and rehabilitation

Enflux makes motion capture clothing that, for better or worse, is surprisingly slimming. These tight-fitting duds contain wired, washable sensors that can show your body position on a phone or screen.

Founded by Doug Hoang, Mickey Ferri, Elijah Schuldt and Pamela Lee, the company was YC-funded and is backed by a group of Chinese VR capitalists. They have sold $120,000 in clothing to sports consumers and have 50 partners using the technology for VR, gaming and video.

Ferri showed me the dev kit at CES in Las Vegas. “Enflux motion capture clothing is fashionable, simple, affordable, and mobile. You can use Enflux anywhere – from your living room, to the golf course, to the yoga studio, to the CES expo hall,” he said. “It’s washable, works over bluetooth, and has a 14 hour battery that recharges on USB. Other motion capture systems cost up to $100,000, use multiple external tracking cameras in large metal cages, and take hours of time to set up.”

We tested the unit and it was able to sense me doing arm exercises and created a cute avatar of Ferri on the phone. It’s was a fun demo and the motion capture was surprisingly accurate when properly calibrated.

The dev kit costs $349 and is available now.