Motiv crams a fitness band’s worth of functionality into a ring

Here’s one of those devices I can’t wait to put through some real world testing. Motiv’s creators have made some pretty big claims for their tiny wearable – which are pretty impressive, if true, putting a new spin on the somewhat staid and oversaturated world of fitness tracking wearables.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never actually worn a ring with any regularity (aside, of course, from my short stint as the Green Lantern in the late-70s), but there’s unquestionable appeal to a device that promises to cram full wrist-worn fitness tracking functionality into that sort of form factor.

And indeed, the titanium-encased wearable can do a lot – it tracks sleep and fitness, including steps, calories and distance. It also somehow manages to pack in an optical heart rate sensor, all while boasting a battery life of three to five days on a charge. Now, granted, you won’t be draining as much life without a display or notifications, but you can only fit so much battery into a device this small.
The ring is waterproof (as rings should be) up to 50 meters, so you can take it swimming and just go about your day and generally forget about it. It comes in seven sizes – a decided improvement over all of the one-size-fits-all fitness trackers on the market — and will be available in either gray or rose gold and feature an LED band for charging and syncing notifications.


It goes up for presale today for $199, a bit more than your standard fitness tracking wristband — and a heck of a lot smaller.