Earin introduces another really small pair of truly wireless earbuds

While plenty of companies are rushing to bring fully wireless earbuds to the market, the phenomenon is already old hat for Earin. The company launched its first product way back in 2015 to mixed reviews, following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

This CES, the startup is back for more with the M2, a pair of extremely small buds featuring built-in touch control. Of course, a lot has happened in the days since the company offered up its first generation product, including entries from such hardware giants as Apple and Samsung. Not to mention what is sure to be a glut of likeminded products this week in Vegas.

But hopefully the company’s experience with its first-gen product will help make the M2 a contender. This time out, the company has sought to improve the wireless connection between the buds by why of a combination of dual antenna and Near Field Magnetic Induction technologies.

The product has also been redesigned a bit, with the company claiming that the product is the “smallest and lightest” on the market (a claim similar to the one it made last time out) – either a plus or minus depending on the size of your ear and your tendency to lose small but expensive electronic devices. There’s touch control built into the tip of the bud as well, letting users play/pause and advance tracks with a tap.

The battery life is rated at a modest three hours, augmented to a full 12 hours when including the magnetic charging case. No word on pricing, but the buds are set to start shipping this quarter.