E-Ink and Quirk Logic look to replace whiteboards with 42-inch Quilla displays

What would you do if you had an e-reader the size of a TV? Probably not read books. E-Ink and Quirk Logic think you’d write on it, and that’s what they hope you’ll do with the Quilla, a 42-inch display that works as both signage and a digital whiteboard.

I’m a sucker for e-paper stuff in general, but this thing is also just pretty cool. It’s the first application of the largest display E-Ink has created, and the result of a three-year collaboration with Quirk Logic.


The battery-powered Quilla weighs about 22 pounds and is less than 2mm thick, making it easy to hang on the wall or take down and put on a table It’s 2160×2880 — kind of a nowhere resolution between 2K and 4K, but enough that it won’t hurt your eyes while you’re annotating a huge map or sketching out a workflow.

It’s sort of like a minimalist Surface Hub: no crazy multi-touch gestures or movies for this thing, but you can throw graphics up there, save what you’ve sketched or written, and connect multiple Quillas to make a multi-headed megadisplay.