Altec Lansing will release its first turntable this holiday season for $199

The Stealth is Altec Lansing’s first shot at the turntable market. Priced at $199 and slated to be released during the holidays in 2017, it ships with a pair of 50 watt speakers that connect to the deck.

The speakers also have bluetooth built in, so you can wirelessly transmit music from your phone or computer to the included speakers — it’s a bit like a portable bluetooth boombox that also plays records.

The Stealth checks all the boxes for what a budget, entry-level turntable should have, including a two-speed motor, an external switch to easily flip between 33 1/3 and 45 RPMs, a built in preamp, and a single, standard audio jack for hooking up speakers.

The base of the turntable is made of high gloss plastic, so it’s going to be lower in sound quality and durability than than something like the Fluance RT81.

With vinyl sales in the UK hitting a 25 year high, we’ll likely continue to see more electronics companies enter this space to reach different segments of music consumers. The Stealth Turntable’s release date has yet to be announced.