TechCrunch’s top 10 hardware startup videos of 2016

Go-karts, toy robots, laser tag and more, here’s a rundown of the most-watched hardware startup videos in 2016:

1. Mini Robotic Printer by Zuta Labs
Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, this wireless device makes it easy to print documents or photos on the go. The printer rolls back and forth on any paper giving you a full print in about a minute.

2. 3Doodler Start 3D pen

The 3Doodler Start is a kid-friendly version of the 3D printing pen with no hot points and a new eco-plastic material that makes building creations safe and fun.

3. Navdy heads-up display

Navdy turns information from a smartphone into a heads-up display for a car, featuring driving directions, text and other info front and center.

4. Virtuix Omni gamepad

Virtuix looks to solve the issue of locomotion in VR with a treadmill-like gamepad lets users walk around while staying in one place.

5. Cozmo the tiny toy robot by Anki

The little robot toy is effectively a real-life version of Wall-E. You can play games together and it has built-in facial recognition, designed to identify individuals and help him form relationships over time.

6. Flybrix LEGO drone kit

A build-your-own drone kit for kids, Flybrix is lightweight, “crash-friendly”, and retails for roughly a hundred and fifty bucks.

7. MMO laser tag is a cross platform augmented reality first-person shooter that allows you to use your smartphone as your weapon.

8. Hover’s Passport drone for selfies

Hover is a small, lightweight camera drone that you can toss in the air and it follows you.

9. Actev Motors electric go karts

These all-electric street carts aimed at older kids combine fun with safety features like adjustable speed, geofencing, and collision avoidance.

10. Replenish smoothie machine

Think Keurig for smoothies. Just pop in a pre-made smoothie pod, enjoy, and the device will take care of the cleaning itself.

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