LG’s headset that doubles as a wearable speaker is peak CES before CES

LG will be bringing a collar-like wearable wireless speaker to CES, which also includes in-ear buds for when you don’t feel like being a complete jerk. The sonorous neck horseshoe connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and contains “wearable speakers capable of delivering 3D surround sound” when the attached earbuds are safely ensconced within the electronic noise scarf.

This thing features four speakers in total, spread across its mass, including two full range ones and two downward facing low-range sub-like speakers that I guess deliver some thumping base to your collar bones. Also the sound was tuned in partnership with the folks at DTS, which is one of those companies that delivers the sound for blockbuster movies. there’s also a DAC on board for both headset and speaker.

Why would I want to wear a speaker around my neck, you may ask? Well there’s more: it also vibrates to alert you of things like calls and texts on your connected device. So it’s sort of like a smartwatch for your clavicle, in addition to being a way to impress everyone on public transit with your ability to emanate club bangers or concertos from your neckline.

If you want to look back and pinpoint the moment that companies began scrambling to do something with their wearable category investment after the most likely form factor, smartwatches, proved a failure, this is your reference point. Also a marquee-sized sign of things to come for the Consumer Electronics Show this year, when Everyone Will Still Be Trying To Make Wearables Happen.