Samsung’s CES C-Lab startups are focused on skincare and kids

Samsung’s C-Lab experiments are rarely earth-shattering, but they’re usually fairly interesting. Since last year, the electronics giant has used the Creative Lab as a way to foster innovation within its walls, including everything from a wearable 360-degree camera to smart belt with the unfortunate but rhymey name Welt.

The company’s once again using its presence at a big electronics show to bring exposure to a new crop of startups developed within its confines. This round includes a trio of projects, maintaining a focus on kids and health, themes the startups keep returning to with every subsequent batch.

Tag+ is essentially a Bluetooth button designed to bring simple app functionality to real world toys. The device connects automatically to a tablet and offers a range of different interactions, including press, bumping and shaking, which present different social features and connect the product to a single profile that can be used to connect kids in real world playing situations.

Both of the other new offerings are skincare-related. S-Skin is a teardrop-shaped scanner that analyzes redness, melanin levels and hydration using a built-in LED. The app tracks changes over time, while a microneedle patch supposedly delivers ingredients to address any problems spots.

Lumini, meanwhile, is designed to address issues before they surface, including wrinkles, redness and pimples, recommending cosmetic solutions, accordingly.

The three products will be on-display at CES’s startup area next week in Vegas, along with a quintet of other devices already successfully spun off from the project.