Jason Kilar on founding Vessel and the wonderful world of customer service

Jason Kilar’s interest in customer service was sparked by a visit to Disney World when he was 10 years old. The wonder he felt as he walked underneath the train station and out onto Main Street stays with him to this day.

It was a turning-point for him, even at that young age. Eventually, Kilar would intern at Disney World and walk those same steps each night after his shift ended. “It really influenced who I was at an early age as a manager,” Kilar shared.

His career started with Amazon when it was a relatively small, early-stage private company. While there, Kilar was able to grow from his roots and expand while learning deep lessons about the importance and value of culture and what it means to stay true to the company’s mission over long periods of time. Something, he says, that is required when scaling up to a much bigger company.

From Amazon, to Hulu and now with Vessel, throughout his career, Kilar has found that building teams of people that have spark, are curious and innovative is the key to building a better model. The strength of the teams has been key to his successful business endeavors.