LG’s MacBook Pro-focused 5K display goes on sale

It won’t arrive until well after the holiday, sure, but that fancy 27-inch display LG created for the new MacBook Pros is now officially available on Apple’s site. The new monitor, which was launched alongside a 4K model back in October during the MacBook Touch Bar event, marked a new approach for Apple, which has customarily created its own hardware for such occasions.

The LG UltraFine 5K is powered by a single Thunderbolt 3 cable, in keeping with Apple’s new streamlined – and, arguably frustratingly minimalist – new approach to ports. It also offers an additional three USB-C ports on-board, which should help a bit on the connectivity front when everything is up and running on the desktop

The 5120 x 2880 display is priced at $974 on Apple’s site, with a ship date of two to four weeks – perhaps a belated self-gift for those who find one of the new MacBooks under the tree this week. Apple’s also keeping in the holiday spirit by extending the deadline on its recently announced discount on USB-C adapters and accessories from December 31 to March 31.