Honda’s CES teaser reveals community car smarts, personal mobility plans


Honda is going to reveal a number of announcements around its forthcoming “cooperative mobility ecosystem” at this year’s CES in January, and the car maker just dropped a teaser to preview some of what it’s going to talk about.

Three new features are teased in the short video, including “Safe Swarm,” a trademark Honda applied for in November this year. It looks likely to be some form of vehicle-to-vehicle communication network that will let cars more safely negotiate roads with shared info, but it’s hard to tell from the graphics how this will work exactly.

The second tease is Uni-Cub, which looks to be a personal mobility transportation device for individual use. This is also a big area for automakers in general now, who are looking to address personal transit as a way to capture more of the aging population market. Hyundai previewed similar projects it plans to demo at CES earlier this week.

Finally, the teaser shows its NeuV concept vehicle, which the carmaker revealed earlier this month will be the first automated commuter EV design with an artificial intelligence “emotion engine” on board. The concept design has been made in tandem with the company behind Pepper, the service bot with AI interaction onboard.

Sounds like Honda will have a lot of future-focused announcements to make at the annual consumer electronics show, but the interesting question will be how far out this future actually is.