First Round pushes the holiday video meme to the max

First Round Capital has become known for many things in its 12-year-history, like the high marks it receives from founders; the smart content it produces; and the newer annual, “state of startups” reports it publishes.

The early-stage venture firm also reliably puts together one of the more memorable video cards every December, one that it uses to showcase all of the founders to whom it has written checks. Though these founders probably have little choice but to participate — thanks, peer pressure — they typically come off as self-aware rather than self-conscious, gracious instead of grouchy, even in their reindeer antler headbands — even as they’re performing mannequin challenges.

It helps that First Round’s partners poke plenty of fun at themselves, including Howard Morgan, who cofounded First Round with Josh Kopelman and disclosed in September that he’s retiring at the end of this year as First Round begins investing its newest, $175 million fund.

As you might have read this fall, with Morgan leaving, the firm is promoting Brett Berson, its VP of platform, to its partnership. Funnily enough, Berson worked on First Round’s first holiday video as an intern working out of NYU.

Herewith, this year’s card; enjoy.