Starry Internet’s broadband beaming technology raises another $30 million

Since the covers came off Starry Internet early last year, the startup has mostly been in trial mode, rolling out its unique technology in a limited trial around its Boston headquarters and showing it off to select press.

Starry’s solution has been the subject of much speculation and excitement, promising a potential alternative to internet company lockdowns by beaming broadband speed internet over the air through millimeter waves. Part of the interest also stems from the fact that the company was founded in 2015 by Chet Kanojia, not too long after his last startup Aereo had a run in with the Supreme Court.

Late-last week, Starry scored a bit more support with an additional $30 million in funding cataloged via a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The company’s not divulging the current round of funders, but has confirmed that the last number brings its current total to $63 million.

At present, the service is being tested in an extremely limited beta, which launched around the middle of last month. That’s expected to be expanded to a larger segment of Boston early next year, with a further expansion to additional cities by the end of 2017.