Managed By Q lands $30 million in Series C funding

Managed By Q, a service that automates office management, has raised $30 million in Series C funding, according to SEC filings.

Managed By Q started off as a NY-based platform that let office administrators more efficiently deal with the tedious housekeeping of an office, from cleanings to supplies to IT to handy work, all from the web.

From there, office managers and admins can schedule deliveries, cleanings, and other office maintenance tasks directly from the app.

You could think of it as a Handy for the enterprise.

However, there are a few key differences between Handy and MbQ, the most significant of which being that Managed by Q employs full-time W2 workers instead of contractors. In fact, last March the company created an equity program for field and office operators.

The SEC filing doesn’t disclose who invested in the round, but thus far Managed by Q has an impressive list of stakeholders, including GV (with MG Siegler leading), Gary Vaynerchuk, Fabrice Grinda, Jessica Alba, and Greycroft Ventures.

A source close to the company said that the round was a combination of new and existing investors, and that the funding would go toward expanding the marketplace and the technology platform.

Managed By Q recently struck an exclusive partnership with Staples. As part of the deal, Staples will be the exclusive provider of office essentials for MbQ customers, and MbQ will be the exclusive office management service for Staples clients.

The company is currently operating in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and SF/Oakland.