Comparably’s new tool lets companies see how their culture stacks up against the competition’s

Comparably, a company and workplace culture review platform, is expanding its tools and offerings to employers that want to have a better understanding of how they can improve their workplaces for employees.

Comparably’s culture analytics dashboard for employers lets companies easily see how they stack up against their competitors. The most impactful part of the dashboard is the ability to break down culture analyses by gender, ethnicity, time at the company, etc.

Using Comparably’s dashboard, a company might realize that female employees on the sales team say the culture isn’t as good as men on the sales team say it is. Through the culture analytics tool, they might also realize that female employees on the sales team at its competitor have a more positive experience than the women on the sales team at their own company.

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“We’re trying to help companies see what their problem spots are,” Comparably founder and CEO Jason Nazar told me. “That way they can see which departments are at risk of attrition.”

Competitor Glassdoor also offers analytics for employers, but Nazar says what makes Comparably’s different is the ability to sort by elements like race, gender, location and time spent at the company. Comparably also provides insights on where your company could improve.

Comparably’s culture analytics tool is the latest addition to the company’s solutions for employers. Other tools in the suite include candidate matching and job postings, as well as access to Comparably’s tech salary database.

To date, over 1,300 companies have signed up for Comparably’s solutions for employers including Airbnb, Uber, PayPal, Netflix, Square and Twitter. Comparably’s employer tools are free for now, but the company does plan to charge at some point, Nazar said.

Comparably first launched in March with a compensation data tool. In May, the company launched a Glassdoor-like company reviews feature. Comparably has raised $6.5 million in funding from Crosslink Capital, Upfront Ventures, 500 Startups and others.