DxO One update will add multi-camera Facebook Live streaming

The DxO One add-on camera accessory for iPhone really does get better with age; first, it gained remote Wi-Fi control, and now it’s announcing support for Facebook Live streaming directly within its companion iOS app through an update arriving early in 2017. That’s not all, though – it’ll support multi-camera switching for Facebook Live, using the DxO One itself, plus the front and rear cameras of the iPhone it’s connected to as well.

The forthcoming update, which brings the app to version 2.5, is set to turn the miniature camera into a portable multi-cam vlogger dream rig, offering both remote shooting for Facebook Live using that Wi-Fi tethering function I mentioned, as well as handheld options that include seamlessly cutting in live selfie shots and well as not one, but two slightly different external views from both the DxO One itself, and the very capable iPhone video camera your device already has built-in.

If you speak to video pros, they’ll tell you that multi-angle shots (even if they’re taken from a similar angle) are actually a huge help when it comes to creating videos that are engaging to an audience. Having just one fixed camera is hardly the most compelling thing to watch. New mobile streaming tools like Facebook Live and Periscope tend to lead to single camera streams, since they’re designed to be easy to pick up and use; this DxO One update adds some visually interesting options but also keeps things simple, since the added cameras are already onboard, and it’s all controlled through a single interface and app.

Since its launch over a year ago, the DxO One has received a number of significant software improvements, including better autofocus and Wi-Fi capabilities, and it’s also now waterproof via an accessory case. The new multi-camera options for streaming to Facebook Live just add another bonus to owning one, and potentially open up a new market for the accessory.