Watch Netflix’s ‘The OA’ trailer and ask yourself WTF is happening


Netflix makes so many original shows we don’t even hear about some of them until they’re airing imminently — that’s the case with The OA, a new freaky supernatural mini-series with an 8-episode season debuting December 16.

The show looks spooky as heck, following the story of a girl who disappeared when she was a child, only to return seven years later (with the bonus of having regained her sight). She’s been busy, however, as some kind of weird memory retrieval therapy involving a fish tank for the brain and experiential recall shows.

There’s lots of classical-sounding strings and a muted color palette, along with some tense moments, blood and what looks like it might be a holding cell for human test subjects, so expect plenty of creepy twists and turns in this thriller of a series.

Netflix is also teasing this out with weird questions on Twitter like “Have you seen death?” along with short video clips that resemble found footage of the main character apparently jumping off a bridge. Twitter users are rightly pointing out that this is some pretty messed up stuff to push out without warning or disclaimer, and it definitely should’ve thought twice about that particular marketing stunt.

Still, I’m intrigued by the trailer and the concept so I’ll probably tune in. I’m also a sucker for anything even remotely sci-fi, so Netflix basically has my number with a whole bunch of its recent releases, including this one.