Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios to open in Japan by 2020

Mario’s got a date with Universal Studios theme parks, and the first concrete one is 2020: That’s the year Nintendo and Universal are targeting for the debut of the first of three Super Nintendo Worlds. The Nintendo-themed areas at Universal parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Japan will host attractions, restaurants and shops, and the first will open in Osaka ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Theme parks take a while to put together, especially when they’re large in scale, as this Nintendo one appears to be. Nintendo shared some concept art alongside this announcement of its first target opening date, and the layout looks pretty ambitious, including a few large castle structures and a multilevel, platform-style building that features a lot of familiar terrain for fans of the Mario series of games.


These won’t be cheap, either; the Osaka area park has a price tag of over $430 million. This is actually great news because I was partly afraid they were just going to paint over the Popeye rides or something.

Instead it looks like you’re going to actually be able to dive right into the Mushroom Kingdom, and maybe grab a Toad burger or whatever while you’re at it. Color me excited all over again.