Here’s what the back of Fisker Inc’s EMotion electric sport sedan looks like

Henrik Fisker’s newest electric car company, Fisker Inc., continues the gradual reveal of its first car, the EMotion. I certainly have a lot of feelings looking at this — feelings like skepticism that this vehicle will ever make it to production. But Fisker Inc. maintains that it will, and that once it does, it’ll have a 161 MPH top speed with 400 miles of range from its on-board electric powerhouse.

Fisker Inc. previously showed us some images of the car’s profile and front (embedded below), and now it’s ready to reveal the back. The back of the car features “wide sculptural shoulders, thin light blue tail lights, wide trunk opening, and aggressive lower rear diffuser to improve aero,” according to the company.

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Also new in this image is the shiny metallic paint job, which is a contrast from the matte appearance of the previously released renders. You can also see the back of the color contrast roof, which will likely be a full-length panorama-style sunroof, and the gadget, which looks just like the badge from the original Fisker, whose assets were purchased by a Chinese company and relaunched as Karma Automotive.

Fisker Inc. says we’ll hear more about the vehicle and its plans in 2017, but we’ll still have to wait until at least the middle of next year to get a better idea of when exactly these things might start to ship.