Martian adds Alexa to its hybrid smartwatch

If you’ve already gone through all of the trouble to stick a microphone and speaker on your hybrid smartwatch, you might as well make the most of the thing. Martian’s taking advantage of the opportunity with the addition of Amazon Alexa functionality to its mVoice wearable.

Honestly, as silly as it sounds, this may be one of the most logical third-party implementations of Alexa yet. After all, the wrist makes about as much sense as any piece of real estate when it comes to asking Amazon’s AI assistant questions. It’s always on and close by, and Martian’s analog face lacks even the basic input of other full-fledged smartwatches.

Martian will be rolling out Alexa functionality on other watches after the mVoice, including the GUESS Watches it helped build. The addition of Alexa brings 5,000 skills to the wrist, including some legitimately handy features, like calling for a Lyft and creating calendar reminders.

As with the company’s other timepieces, the mVoice swaps the LCD for a standard watch face, while preserving a small crawl for receiving notifications. It’s available now for a hair under $300.