The TC Disrupt London Startup Battlefield finalists are InsideDNA, LiftIgniter, Oxehealth, PhenixP2P and Seenit

Disrupt London Day 1 was a massive success.

DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman taught us about the future of AI. Autonomy founder Dr. Michael Lynch mocked HP’s $5 billion lawsuit against him. And Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert showed off his four-legged robotic friend, SpotMini.

But the heart of Disrupt has always been the Startup Battlefield, and this year’s London crew was no different.

Twelve companies (plus a Wild Card) took the Disrupt stage with six minutes to present and demo their product, followed by six minutes of Q&A from a panel of esteemed judges, including Siraj Khaliq from Atomico, Don Dodge from Google for Work and Nic Brisbourne from Forward Partners.

So without any further ado, we’re pleased to announce this year’s Disrupt London Startup Battlefield finalists:


InsideDNA plans to help research and pharma teams identify the best drug target by using machine learning to analyze massive genetic datasets and identify likely drug targets.


LiftIgniter aims to rid the web of garbage link recommendations. So instead of showing the not-so-great links that you often see at the bottom of articles, companies working with LiftIgniter can make their websites more dynamic and personal for readers by using a machine learning model.


Oxehealth uses existing cameras to monitor a patient’s heartbeat and other vital signs. Even when the camera is across the room, the camera can detect skin color changes and accurately read a heartbeat.


PhenixP2P wants to make live online video streams truly live. The company, which was founded in 2013 by Stefan Birrer, wrote a new live-streaming platform from the ground up that is able to scale to millions of devices without incurring the kind of latency problems that its competitors struggle with.


Seenit helps event organizers and other businesses turn their biggest fans into a film crew. Seenit customers invite a select group of their own users, who can use the Seenit app to shoot and submit video from their smartphone.