Plume’s plug-in WiFi pods are now available

The home WiFi network extender space sure got real crowded, real fast. Startups Eero and Luma have been battling it out for some time before Google elbowed its way in, earlier this fall. All of the devices offer different somewhat different solutions to the problem of spotty home wireless networks.

Like those offerings, Plume takes a similar approach of arriving solo on in a bundle, so users with more square footage can pick up multiples to blanket their home. The price point for Plume’s pods is certainly appealing, at $69 for one, $179 for a pack of three and $329 for a half-dozen. Announced over the summer, the system is now available and shipping through the startup’s site.

Plume’s got a pretty appealing form factor, plugging directly into an outlet, rather than sitting on a table, tethered by a cord. The devices also sport an Ethernet port for hardwiring, though that seems to somewhat the defeat the purpose. The company also promises a two-minute automatic setup, which should take some of the pain out of the home networking process.

The devices are designed to constantly monitor signal strength and adjust accordingly to help boost connections through the home, using what the company calls “adaptive WiFi.” The company’s app also makes it possible to set up guest networks and gives diagnostics about wireless speed and coverage.