As acquisition talk surfaces, Pebble stays quiet about Time 2 shipping

When rumors first surfaced about a Fitbit acquisition of Kickstarter king Pebble, concerned backers were understandable concerned about what the news would mean for the status of their unreleased devices.

While its hard to know how such a move might ultimately impact support for the company’s existing line of products, at the very least, Pebble 2 buyers can breathe a relative sigh of relief as that long awaited smartwatch has, in fact, started shipping. And we had a chance to take one for a test drive a few weeks back.

Things are less sunny for the other two products announced alongside that wearable. Those who ponied up for the Time 2 and Core are still waiting. In light of mounting reader concern, we reached out to the company to see what’s up. But Pebble’s not talking.

The company confirmed that the Pebble 2 is out in the world, but refused to give an update on the two other products – either in the form of acknowledging a delay or offering up a word of hope that they’re still on their way. Of course, the Core isn’t slated to arrive until January, which still gives the company some breathing room. The Time 2, on the other hand, was slated for an arrival last month, according to the company’s Kickstarter campaign.

Neither the company nor CEO Eric Migicovsky’s Twitter accounts have updated since the rumor first surfaced – save for a since redacted shrugging emoji. And while Pebble has promised to update us when more information is available, the silence on the matter surely isn’t doing much to instill confidence in its backers.