A sneak peek at Propel’s battling Star Wars drones

Last year’s breakout Star Wars toy was, without question, Sphero’s BB-8. It was the perfect synergy of technology and intellectual property, which brilliantly captured The Force Awakens’ breakout star droid. In the lead up to Rogue One, there isn’t a single toy running away with the title, but Propel’s drones are a pretty strong contender.

Unveiled via a teaser this summer, the devices capture four key vehicles from the original trilogy: a speeder bike, an X-Wing, a TIE fighter and, naturally, that perpetual fixer-upper, the Millennium Falcon. The drones feature four rotors capable of accelerating from zero to 30 MPH in three seconds, with peak speeds of up to 35 MPH — however many parsecs that works out to.

Propel showed off the drones’ aerial maneuvers in a San Francisco press event this week, just ahead of the products’ official Friday launch. They’re impressive little toys designed for laser-based dog fights, aiming their beams at one another until the loser suffers a controlled crash to the ground.

With prices at around $250, the drones aren’t exactly cheap, but, then, wish-fulfillment rarely is.

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