This clever dot screen is a fun widget for your high-tech hipster office

Look, it’s 2016. A cereal bar, pet grooming station, nap pod, and ping pong hovel aren’t enough to get a young programmer’s guts boiling. You need something unique. You need a flip disk system.

This system, created by a BreakfastNY, is basically a modern version of those massive analog-digital signs you used to see in airports. Each pixel flips from dark to light (or dark to color) instantly using a magnetically controlled switch. This means you can create monochrome animations or signage.


Obviously a screen like this is of limited utility but it definitely makes a nice conversation piece for your hipsterfied office and could replace the ironic talking fish you have over the front desk.

“The core innovation in this system are the F1 Flip-Disc Display Panels,” the company writes. “These 17″ x 17″ modular panels contain 784 half-inch Flip-Discs each, and can be arranged into any overall screen size or shape. With 32 panels, you can design a 11′ x 5.5′ rectangular display, or a single row display that is 17″ tall by 45′ long. The Flip-Discs, as well as the casing which holds the discs, can be customized. for specific colors.”

It also comes with a controller app and you can add a 3D camera to create fun video and text installations. There is also an API for the adventurous. Pricing is dependent on how many units you purchase and they’re taking pre-orders now.

While a magnetic dot flip screen won’t bring in the talent like a hot sauce mixing station or a personal foot masseuse, it’s nice to know you can impress and excite potential hires by making their name appear in black and white as they enter or, barring that, send messages to VCs as they pass by your fancy office in the Mission (“Help! We need money!”).