OhMiBod releases a smaller, more versatile wearable vibrator

Just in time for holidays, OhMiBod is releasing the latest version of its “wearable massager.” Half a decade after the release of the Club Vibe 2.OH, the sex toy innovator is back with a new version of its discreet vibrator. Version 3.OH is smaller than its predecessor and ships with a rechargeable wireless remote featuring a built-in microphone.

The new silicone-based wearable also is also more sensitive to noise, responding in pulsing vibration to ambient sound like voices and noise. Users can also cycle through five preset patterns or use the new “Tease” mode, which utilizes manual patterns.

OhMiBod’s founder, Suki Dunham, told TechCrunch a bit about the company’s hands-on testing of the new product,

My husband and I had a blast working on and testing the latest version of our most popular wearable remote control vibrator – the Club Vibe 3.OH. We brought one of the final prototypes to a Beyoncé concert this summer…right before we went into production. Honestly, I’ll never be able to listen to the Lemonade album the same way again.

Sitting through Midnight Mass should never be the same, either. The Club Vibe 3.OH is available for $119 through the company’s site.