LeEco’s TVs and smartphones are coming to Best Buy, Amazon and Target December 1

For all the pomp and circumstance surrounding LeEco’s US launch, the company hasn’t exactly made its products easy to get here in the States, largely relying on what it’s deemed “flash sales” – or limited time offers through its own store.

Starting today, the LeMall commerce site is open for good here in the States, and on December 1, it will be making its phones and TVs available through some of the biggest US retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

Of course, the company is still trying to get users to buy its products directly, offering up rebates on devices for those who pick up products through LeMall. And anyone who buys a phone or TV before January 5 will be entitled to a free subscription to the new DirectTV Now service – the length of which is dependent on the product purchased.

The list of available products includes the Le S3 or Le Pro3 (which we recently reviewed) handsets and the line of Super4 TVs – so, you know, no bikes or cars yet.