Final Fantasy XV is finally here, celebrate with a branded Walkman

What better way to celebrate the passage of a decade or so spent waiting for the new installment of a popular video game franchise than with a commemorative Sony Walkman? A fitting homage to a series that dates back to the late 1980s. Sony’s marking tomorrow’s long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV with a limited edition version of its A-Series Hi-Res Audio-friendly Walkman.

As Engadget notes, the FF XV Walkman is the latest in a marketing bonanza around the Square Enix title that also includes, of all things, a $470,000 branded version of the Audi A8. There’s not a lot to the cross over here, beyond a big “XV” and quartet of characters etched on the back pixel-style, along with a commemorative box to mark the occasion. The 16GB version of the audio player runs ¥33,880 (or about $300) in Japan and goes up from there. Cheaper than an Audi, certainly.

Sony’s also bringing the XV to its headphone and Bluetooth speaker lines, along with special Hi-Res audio version of the game’s soundtrack, the latter of which runs a cool $53. All of the above look to be Japan exclusives at the moment.