Wynd grabs $31.7 million for its point-of-sale solution

French startup Wynd has raised a $31.7 million Series B round (€30 million) from Sodexo Ventures and Orange Digital Ventures, with Bpifrance also participating. Orange Digital Ventures had already invested in the Series A round with Alven Capital. Wynd is working on a software-as-a-service solution to replace your existing point-of-sale service that you use in your restaurant or store.

Wynd doesn’t target individual restaurants. Instead, the startup focuses on big restaurant chains, converting all their points of sale to Wynd. Big clients include Carrefour, Galeries Lafayette, Quick, Sodexo, Eiffage, Total, Monceau Fleurs and more.

The solution is supposed to work with little tweaks. Wynd is a modular service that can manage part or all of the tasks that you usually do at your point of sale. It can be very basic or bring together all the information you need.

For instance, you can set up Wynd for both your stores and your website. This way, Wynd can unify the inventory for both platforms and accept orders from all your channels. The service can also help you set up electronic wallets for your clients. You can imagine a chain store offering coupons, providing cash back or managing money pots.

The service integrates with your CRM service, as well. For instance, you could see your client’s profile when they pay for something so that you know if they’ve been coming here regularly. Wynd can either feed your existing CRM service with more data or you can set it up as your main CRM service.

According to the company, many clients dip their toes and start with a lightweight setup first. Later, they add more modules. The startup bills €30 to €300 per point of sale per month depending on your setup.

Wynd doesn’t process payments directly. The startup chose to focus on the point of sale as there are already many payment service providers out there already.

And finally, you can manage your point of sale from many devices; a phone, a tablet and more. All of these features may sound obvious, but many companies rely on solutions that were designed by Oracle or SAP a while back. Overall, Wynd manages 5,000 points of sale.

With today’s funding round, the company plans to hire and expand internationally. First, Wynd will open offices in the U.K. and Dubai as the company already has a few clients in these countries. There could be more international expansions later down the road.