Watch McLaren’s fully electric P1 go through some intense testing

McLaren makes supercars, and to make those cars requires a lot of technical expertise and rigorous engineering. The new McLaren P1 fully electric car is no different. This open-top vehicle hit the test track recently with a seasoned driver at the helm – and the resulting video (via Jalopnik) is pretty intense.

McLaren’s outdone itself with the promo copy on this exciting new vehicle, so I’ll let them take it from here:

The diminutive McLaren P1™ differs from its larger brother in two important ways. Firstly, it has a central driving position, just like the iconic McLaren F1. Then, secondly, young owners will be able to experience what adults never could: an open-top McLaren P1™. It retains McLaren’s signature dihedral doors and has a three-speed transmission with a reverse gear. And, as with every McLaren, its acceleration is startling. The zero to maximum speed (3mph) dash takes just two seconds. As it’s the most compact model in the McLaren range, drivers should ideally be between three and six years of age, but we wouldn’t blame those who are slightly more mature for wanting to take it for a spin…