The Apple Watch will try to get wearers moving on Thanksgiving

With all of the bingeing and football watching on Thanksgiving, it can prove tough to remember to, you know, actually get up and move at some point. But that’s sort of half the battle with a wearable – an ever-present reminder that you can always push yourself a bit harder. Having spent a bit of time testing out the Nike version of the watch, I can certainly attest to the fact that the thing is particularly good at bugging me when it thinks I’ve been sitting around too long.

This year the Apple Watch is celebrating the holiday with the Thanksgiving Day Challenge, a small stakes challenge aimed at getting wearers to move a modest 5k during the day, a nod, no doubt to the annual Turkey Trot race – and humankind’s on-going struggles against the nap-inducing effects of tryptophan.

Apple Watch users can send the motivation notification to others and brag about it with stickers over social media when they’ve unlocked the goal through running, walking or wheelchair activity. The challenge is available through the Activity app today and goes live on Thursday. Those who are saving up their energy for Black Friday, on the other hand, will have to find a different way to celebrate.