FilmStruck is a streaming service for lovers of art-house films and foreign classics

It might be time for movie lovers to add another streaming service to their monthly subscriptions — FilmStruck, a new service created by Turner Classic Movies.

Services like Amazon and Netflix are building up libraries of originals (starting with TV, but also including films), and they’re striking deals to get high-profile new releases. But if you’re a particular kind of movie lover, you might still feel that they come up short when it comes to the real classics from Hollywood’s Golden Age, not to mention films from European and Asian titans like Ingmar Bergman, Jean-Luc Godard and Akira Kurosawa.

FilmStruck launched earlier this month, and you can watch a quick walk-through of the app in the video above.

The most exciting thing about FilmStruck is that it’s the new online home of the Criterion Collection’s library of art-house classics (formerly on Hulu). I still remember how my local video store used to have a separate shelf of Criterion DVDs (yes, it was kind of pretentious), and I guess we can think of FilmStruck as the online equivalent.

Current popular titles include Hard Eight, Blood Simple and Seven Samurai.

FilmStruck not only offers films, but also curated, thematic collections and special features. The service (currently available for iOS, Android and Fire TV, with plans to add more devices soon) costs $6.99 a month for a basic plan with limited access to Criterion films, or $10.99 a month for full access to the Criterion Channel.