Managed By Q inks deal with Staples

Managed By Q, the office management platform for products and services, has today inked a new deal with Staples.

As part of the partnership. Staples customers will now have access to Managed By Q’s full suite of services, including IT specialists, handyman, cleaning services and even workplace yoga.

The idea here is two-fold: Staples’ small- and medium-sized business clients will now have access to a digital set of tools to let them do things like hire a handyman or order regular cleaning services, while Managed By Q will have the benefit of being offered to Staples’ massive client base.

Managed By Q launched back in 2014 with the idea of bringing on-demand services to office space. The team installed a iPad loaded with Managed By Q software into every office of its clients, and through the iPad they could order office products and schedule services.

This includes things like paper towels, staples, soap for the bathrooms, and other office supplies, as well as services like cleaning, IT, and handymen.

Staples and Managed By Q have already been working together on the supplies front. Dan Teran, Managed By Q cofounder and CEO, said that around 75 percent of Q’s customers order supplies through the platform, and Staples fulfills all of them.

As part of the partnership, the companies agree that Staples will fulfill all of Q’s supplies orders, while Q will provide all of its services to Staples’ customers.

To date, Managed By Q has raised more than $40 million in funding and has expanded to serve New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The Staples partnership should offer an easier path to growth, given how established Staples is with Q’s target client base.

If you’d like to check out Managed By Q for yourself, hit up the website right here.