Eero’s Wi-Fi system adds Alexa commands

A week or so after Luma announced Alexa integration, it’s Eero’s turn. It’s not really all that surprising that the former got the head start here, of course — after all, the company lists Amazon among its big investors, but in the push to make its AI assistant a ubiquitous presence in high-tech homes, the retail giant isn’t likely to turn down too many partnerships — especially now with Google Home nipping at its heels.

Eero operates on a similar principle as Luma — and, for the matter Google’s new Wifi devices – shipping in a three-pack to help blanket homes in signal, killing dead spots in the process.

Now the device will be able to add Alexa functionality to its list of tricks, giving users the ability to pause the internet, turn off LED lights and find the closest Eero to ensure the best signal, all with voice commands — similar to the functionality recently rolled out on its competitor.

The partnership makes sense for Eero, as well — according to the hardware startup, roughly 20 percent of their user base currently has at least one Echo device on their network. There’s bound to be crossover among early adopters, of course, but that number really does speak to the runaway success of Amazon’s home devices.

Eero’s also using the occasion to roll out some other key updates to its devices, as well, including an update to its mesh technology, which promises a notable speed increase for existing products.