AfterShokz adds some wires to its Trekz bone conduction headphones for a big price drop

Bone conduction has been around in some form or another for some time now, but the technology still hasn’t managed to crack the mainstream. New York-based hardware startup AfterShokz may have come the closest with its line of crowdfunded Trekz wireless headphones.

The Bluetooth sport bands offered up good design and patented bone conduction technology that manages to vibrate their wearer’s skull at sufficient volume — one of the biggest issues with the technology in the past. Of course, the $130 asking price is probably a bit north of what some are willing to pay for a pair of workout headphones.

The company has released wired headphones in the past, but the new Sportz Titanium essentially brings all that was good about the Trekz, but adds a cable to the proceedings, effectively dropping the price $80 in the process. The headphones feature a similar fit, coupled with a sweat-resistant, titanium-based build and the same audio technologies that power the Trekz.

While they’re wired, the do still require a charge in order to actually power the bone conduction, but should get about 12 hours per — double the time of the Trekz. They come in two varieties, with and without mic, priced at $60 and $50, respectively.