Toms releases new Apple Watch bands with official steel lugs and buckles

Shoe manufacturer Toms is releasing a colorful lineup of Apple Watch bands made out of grosgrain fabric and leather. For every band purchased, the company will work with SolarAid to provide one year of solar light to an individual in need. And these bands are part of the Made for Apple Watch program, meaning that Toms is using genuine steel lugs and buckles.

Toms became popular by providing shoes to people in need. Every time someone buys a pair of Toms shoes, the company hands out a free pair of shoes. More than one million pairs have been given, to date.

But let’s come back to the Apple Watch bands. There are two different styles of bands — the utility collection and the artisan collection. Bands range from $49 to $75 and are available on Toms’ website and in store.

The main difference between the two bands is that the artisan collection features leather backing across the band, while the utility collection only uses leather around the buckle. Bands are available for both the 38mm and 42mm watch and should work for all models of Apple Watches.

And here’s what they look like:

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