Google’s Wifi router is now up for pre-order

Perhaps you missed the news about Google’s new router. Wouldn’t have been hard. The company announced the thing at the same event it debuted the Pixel and its Daydream headset, so no one spent all that much time talking about the new home networking hardware.

If you weren’t privy to the news, by way of refresher, the simply named Wifi is Google’s take on devices like Eero or Luma, designed to improve the wireless signal throughout a home by being scattered out around the abode. As such, the system will be available as a standalone or in a pack of three — though there’s some benefit to simply having one around.

In fact, the company only recommends multiples for space over 1,500 square feet. Aside from creating a mesh network, the little devices also feature software designed to limit congestion by switching between channels and optimizing speeds by toggling through the 2.4 and 5GHz bands based on location.

Google Wifi is up for pre-order now at $129 for a single device and $299 for a three-fer. It’s expected to release December 6.