Fully autonomous AI driving company AImotive expands to the U.S.

Level 5 self-driving tech is the highest variety, which aims for fully autonomous vehicles with no need of human steering mechanisms. AdasWorks, a Budapest-based startup launched in 2015, is charing its name to AImotive and expanding to a new U.S.-based Mountain View office to further its efforts in making Level 5 autonomy a lived reality for people and cars.

AImotive’s goal is to offer a full suite of self-driving enabling technologies to carmakers, via its full-stack aiDrive offering, which includes a number of AI-powered engines for learning to identify different objects organized by class, landmark-based location recognition, real-time object tracking and control of not only gas and brake, but other car features including headlights and horn. AImotive also offers aiKit, which covers collection, simulation and data testing; and aiWare, the hardware designed for use in vehicles, provided embedded computing for advanced neural networks used to drive its AI.

AImotive’s aim is to provide scalable Level 5 autonomy to carmakers regardless of chips used, with technology that can truly work at the global level, across different geographies, climates, environmental conditions and cultures. Its team of 120 is primarily “researchers and developers,” founder Laszlo Kishonti said in a press release, and its tech is designed to apply AI research to help self-driving cars adapt to different driving styles across the world in real-time.

AImotive has raised $10.5 million in funding to date across a seed and Series A round, from investors including Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Draper Associates, Nvidia and more.