DJI debuts a monitor add-on for its controllers

Along with the debut of two drones at what we assume will be DJI’s last big news of the year, the company showed off a new display add-on for its controller, aimed to take the place of a smartphone.

The CrystalSky comes in 5.5 (920×1080) or 7.85-inch( 2048 x 1536) configurations, offering an ultra-bright screen designed for daylight settings that the company claims is up to four times brighter than a standard handset at 2000 cd/m².

The screen ships with DJI’s Go app embedded, decoding video in real time from the on-board camera with minimal latency, so the pilot can use it to navigate the drone around — particularly useful in the case of the newly announced Inspire 2, which adds a second camera to capture first-person flight video.

The monitor has two SD slots, an HDMI port for video output and built-in dual band Wi-Fi — or users can plug-in a MiFi dongle via the on-board USB-A port. The system is compatible with the company’s Mavic, Phantom, Inspire and Matrice lines.