Apple is releasing a coffee table book about how awesome it is

Apple never looks back, except when it does, which is every month now. The company announced that it is releasing a hardbound photo book showcasing some of the most iconic Apple designs from the last 20 years.

The book will be released tomorrow on and in flagship American Apple stores. They will be available in two sizes. The small one will cost $199 while the big one will cost $299. It is dedicated to Steve Jobs.

The cover of the book is completely white with an embossed Apple logo on the front cover. You can read “Designed by Apple in California” on the spine — the title is embossed as well.

Based on the photos on Apple’s website, the book doesn’t contain any text. It’s a collection of 450 photos shot by photographer Andrew Zuckerman. There’s no background and products seem to float in the air. It starts with the first iMac in 1998 and ends with the Apple Pencil in 2015.

This could be a nice present for the holidays, and it’ll definitely shine in Apple stores. But Apple is a technology company. It seems a bit weird that the company would release a photo book.

First, Apple likes to say that it rarely looks back and only moves forward. A book dedicated to products that you can’t even buy in Apple stores is odd.

Second, releasing a book that shows that you’re awesome isn’t the coolest move ever. Sure, Apple likes to brag and say that “this is the biggest update in iPhone history” during press conferences. But it serves a purpose — selling more products.

Finally, the press release quotes Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive quite a lot. The book starts with the iMac, which happens to be Jony Ive’s first design assignment at Apple.

This book seems like Ive’s pet project, showcasing his own work at Apple. In particular, you won’t find the Apple II or Macintosh. It won’t change the face of the company, but it’s definitely an odd product. It shows that Apple’s corporate culture is changing.

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