Survive on Mars in VR on HTC Vive and PSVR starting November 15


Are you at least as good as Matt Damon when it comes to surviving the harsh Martian landscape? You can find out tomorrow, when The Martian VR Experience lands on HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. The collaboration between Fox’s Innovation Lab, RSA Films and The Virtual Reality Company attempts to replicate the plot of The Martian, in a first-person immersive virtual reality experience.

You may find it familiar, because it was an experience teased at CES last year as an Oculus Rift content demo, but this is the full thing, and it’s selling for $19.99 on PlayStation and Steam.

The Martian‘s plot is pretty well suited to a VR game, since it’s a puzzler that benefits from immersion but that also doesn’t require a lot of frenetic movement. The red planet is basically a nice place to chill and not get sick from excessive movement in VR while still feeling tension about your potential for survival.