RageDonate turns Trump anger into charitable good

A host of organizations have capitalized on the anger that followed the election of Donald Trump. The American Civil Liberties Union says it received its “greatest outpouring of support” ever in the days following the election. The New York Times is signing up new subscribers six times faster than normal. And Planned Parenthood has called for donations in light of the “unprecedented attack” on women’s health.

Now, a new organization called RageDonate is trying to consolidate all of your pissed-off donation needs into one place. The group of mostly anonymous techies and creative types launched its site today and is already partnering with the anti-sexual assault organization Project Callisto, Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and other groups.

Each group collecting donations corresponds to a Trump statement. For instance, a donate button for the health organization Sexual Health Innovations is paired with Trump’s infamous comments about assaulting women.

Donations are processed via Stripe, which is offering discounts to non-profits on RageDonate that have not signed up to use Stripe before.

“I am angry that we’ve elected a man unfit for office,” said Earl Carlson, a product designer and spokesperson for RageDonate. “I love this country and worked with my friends over the weekend to make sure that the people most at risk from Trump’s policies and the people he hires to enact them have a better chance of fighting back.”