Marshall’s new Bluetooth headphones promise 30 hours of life on a charge

“Mid” is probably not the most intuitive name for a premium addition to an existing product category. But there you have it. Marshall’s latest on-ear Bluetooth headphones join the company’s (surprisingly good) Major II offering, priced at an additional $50.

The $200 cans retain Marshall’s familiar aesthetic – you either love it or don’t – borrowing the leather and brass design language from the company’s amp, coupled with the iconic Marshall logo. Though these look to be a bit more rounded and minimalist than their predecessors.

The Mid Bluetooth promise 30 feet of Bluetooth range and an admittedly impressive 30+ hours of playback on a charge. Once the battery runs down, you plug in the cord and listen to them like a wired pair of headphones. And when they’re in wireless mode, the cord can be used to share music playback with someone else.

A brass knob built into the right cup controls playback, volume and will answer calls. The Mids have 40mm drivers built in and offer the same folding design the company’s other on-ear headphone offers for added portability.