Here are all of the third-party apps that will support the new MacBook’s Pro Touch Bar

When Apple debuted the new Touch Bar MacBook a few weeks back, the company spent a majority of its time on-stage focused on the ways in which its own software interacted with the new feature. No surprise there, really. After all, Apple had a vested interest in showing off its own wares – and a tighter controller of what it develops in house,

The company is also acutely aware that if the feature is ever truly going to take off, it’s going to need sufficient third-party support. Accordingly, Apple created a page offering up a development kit guidelines for creating software that makes the most out of the skinny new retina touchscreen display.

It also showed off a few third-party apps from big name companies, like Microsoft and Adobe, who will be offering up functionality for flagship software Office and Photoshop, respectively. I’ll also confess to being particularly smitten with the djay Pro demo the company will show off on-stage.

The company has announced a list of around 20 apps that will utilize Touch Bar functionality between now and the end of the year. More will follow, of course, likely subject to a similar vetting process as the one Apple has instated for its App Stores. Here’s what’s been announced so far,

Photoshop, by end of this year

djay Pro, later this month

Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype

Pixelmator, at availability

Affinity Designer, later this month Affinity Photo: December

Da Vinci Resolve

Sketch, later this month

Day One, at availability

Coda, at availability


OmniGraffle, this month

OmniPlan, early December

OmniFocus, early December

OmniOutliner, Q1

Blogo, by end of this year

Live Home 3D version 3.1