A standalone Apple Support app is rolling out to the iOS App Store

Apple has quietly rolled out a new Apple Support app to the iOS App Store, which allows customers to read about product information, get tips, schedule repair appointments at an Apple Store or with an authorized third-party, as well as chat, email, or schedule a call with an Apple Support technician. However, although the app is available in English, it’s not yet showing in the Apple U.S. App Store as of the time of writing.

That could change, though, given that the app’s screenshots show the Union Square store in San Francisco as the example in the image depicting appointment scheduling.

Apple has previously offered the ability to look for nearby stores and book Genius Bar appointments through its Apple Store app, as well as online. It also launched an app called “Tips” in iOS 8, designed to offer users quick feature tutorials.

But the new application puts all of Apple’s support options as well as helpful advice in a dedicated app, which makes the information easier to locate.

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In addition, the Apple Support app is personalized to you, as it knows all the Apple hardware you have registered with your Apple account. This can also simply support assistance for those who may not know what model they have beyond “MacBook” or “iPhone,” for example. According to the app’s description, this information allows you to find answers with articles that are tailored to your own products.

The app’s homescreen lists each product you own, and directs you to a handful of featured articles that explain how to use various features or services, like iCloud or iMessage, among other things.

At present, the app is only showing in the Netherlands App Store. We’ve reached out to Apple for additional information on the availability of this new application, and will update if we hear back.

In the meantime, this link will direct you to at least one version of the Apple Support app currently available outside the U.S. It appears to be in the process of rolling out now, so check your country’s store to see if you can access it.